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After coloured strips are extruded they are dusted in french chalk.

Slats of wood are passed under a cutter to be grooved so that coloured strips can be dropped into the grooves.

Eight, nine or ten grooved are made in each slat.

As the slats travel along the conveyer they are glued along their entire length.

The coloured strips are dropped into the grooves and the glue holds them in place.

A second slat with glued grooves is placed on the top to make a pencil sandwich.

THE sandwiches are clamped overnight so the glue hardens and dries.

THE sandwiches are put through a cutting machine to cut them into pencils. One above and one below.

They are then painted a colour that matches the inside as close as possible.

Tfinally the pencils are rolled across a drum of rotating sandpaper to sharpen them.

We Name It then takes the pencils and personalises them in Gold foil as a pencil is not yours unless it has your name on it!